Thanksgiving Cookbook: Loads of traditional (and not so) recipes!

Thanksgiving isn’t that far off now and while it’s a US holiday at American Soda we see no reason we here in the UK can’t enjoy the sumptuous food served up on the day, at the very least. 

We have compiled a long list of recipes that are traditionally made for the Thanksgiving holiday over the years and I think it’s high time we put them all in the one place.  In this post, in fact!

Treats & Desserts

GH0502_Thanksgiving-Turkeys_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscapeLet’s be honest, it’s the sweet stuff we like best, so I’m starting with that – and Thanksgiving is positively awesome for treats!

The Turkey (and alternatives)

Thanksgiving TurkeyEveryone has their own way to cook a turkey, their own additions, their own flavours. We’ve got two particular favourites and here they are for you to try. Oh, and they’ll do you proud at Christmas too, by the way. 😉

Turkey too big? No problem…here’s a great Leftover Turkey Salad recipe! Of course, if turkey isn’t your thing there are other options. Like these…

It’s not just about turkey (or whatever!) and pudding though…you need side dishes and appetisers too if you’re going to pull off an authentic Thanksgiving meal. With all these recipes you’ll be set.

Incidentally, if pumpkin pie just isn’t your thing, there’s a lot more you can do with pumpkin. Check these out.

I’m hoping you’ll give a traditional Thanksgiving dinner a go this November – think of it as practice for Christmas!