Movie buffs – we want your #5wordmoviereview


I’m a huge movie fan with a real penchant for sci-fi, action and superhero films, as well as a big fan of directors like Martin Scorcese, Quentin Tarantino and Ron Howard. Quite a mix, eh.

I also like reading movie reviews. Sometimes to see if a film is worth going to see, sometimes to see if the critics have the same view as me. Often they don’t…

Anyway, there must be some movie fans amongst you guys, our lovely customers and what better place to get opinion from! To keep it really simple though, we’re after five word reviews of whatever the LAST movie you saw was. JUST FIVE WORDS!

You can either post your review in the comments below, Tweet them to us (@americansoda) with the hashtag #5wordmoviereview or share them on Facebook (with the same hashtag). Oh, and be sure to include the movie title too, so I know what you’re talking about! Here’s an example:

I’m going to collate them all into one fantastic, ongoing #5wordmoviereview blog past and, of course, I’ll share your reviews too!

So, critics…get reviewing!

~ Ben