Selection of the Best Halloween Make Up Jobs EVER! (NOT safe for kids!)

Last week I brought you some top tutorials for Halloween make up that you can apply to kids of all ages (and yourself, if you wish!). They were relatively simple to do but created really good, scary looks.

Some people though…well, they take it to the next level (and then some!). Just take a look at these terrifyingly superb Halloween make up jobs. They are unbelievable! Some are tutorials you can try if you’re feeling really adventurous, some are just the most remarkable photos.

Halloween Make Up – Killer Snail

Source: ElliMacs SFX

Halloween Make Up – Zombies

Halloween Make Up – Clowns

Halloween Make Up – Vampires

Halloween Make Up – Monsters

Are ya scared yet…ARE YA?! 🙂

All credit goes to the various individuals, companies, YouTubers and bloggers for these images, of which there are too many to list.

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