8 Halloween Make Up Tutorials

8 Halloween Make Up Tutorials

We’re in to September and the next big event on the American Soda calendar is Halloween! As you probably know, Americans go absolutely nuts over this holiday every year and it’s also gaining in popularity over here in the UK too.

Trick or Treat is a huge part of Halloween, when the kids get dressed up as various scary characters and go door to door asking for sweets and threatening (but not, we hope, following through with) some kind of revenge if they don’t get any.

Usually the best dressed child gets the most candy – so I wanted to make sure it’s your kid that “wears it best” this Halloween. Here are some fantastic ideas on how to get your child ready – and I’ve tried to pick ones that will suit a range of ages, from little kids to teens.

Halloween Make Up Tutorial – Vampire

Source: Chelsea Crockett

Halloween Make Up Tutorial – Zombie

Source: Tess Christine

Halloween Make Up Tutorial – Frankenstein

Source: ReeRee Phillips

Halloween Make Up Tutorial – Pirate

Source: SophiesTips

Halloween Make Up Tutorial – Werewolf

Source: FacePaintify

Halloween Make Up Tutorial – Scary Clown

Source: Emma Pickles

Halloween Make Up Tutorial – Wicked Witch

Source: Siobhán McDonnell (LetzMakeup)

I know that some kids can get a bit freaked out by scary stuff – my own four year old boy certainly does! – so here’s one last Halloween make up tutorial that’s a lot less scary and a lot more fun!

Halloween Make Up Tutorial – Despicable Me Minion

Source: BeautifulYouTV

Hopefully there’s some ideas there for everyone and if you or your kids get dressed up this Halloween then I’d LOVE to see the results. Please share them with me on Facebook, Twitter or email them over!