Visual Tastes of America

As you know, here at American Soda we love everything about America. Not just the soda, the candy, the food, but everything.

It’s such a diverse country with amazing landscapes, fantastic cities, building and architecture and, of course, people. I’ve been looking for a way to celebrate all the good things America has to offer and I came up with this; a photographic tribute to the States in a new series on Instagram I’ve titled “Visual Tastes of America”.

I’d like you to get involved too. I’m sure many of you reading this have been to the USA (or perhaps are even from there!) and I reckon you’ve probably got some amazing photos to share. Here’s what I want you to do. Follow us on Instagram (@americansoda), add your pics of America, tag us in them or mention us in the caption and use the hashtag #EverythingAmerican. That way we won’t miss a single one.

We will repost our favourites (giving you full credit of course!) and, should one really, really impress us you might even win yourself a little treat!

I’ll be posting new Visual Tastes of America fairly regularly too (search #EverythingAmerican to keep up) so together I think we can definitely build up a fantastic album of shots that DO celebrate the States. Below are the first two I’ve done recently. I hope you like them – and I can’t wait to see yours!

~ Ben


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