Are YOU playing Pokémon Go?!

EDIT: Pokémon Go is LIVE in the UK right now!

After lying relatively dormant for 15 years or so it seems Pokémon is back – and they’ve entered OUR world now! But what has got grown adults and kids alike feverishly searching for virtual creatures using their smartphones?

So it begins…

Well, to understand that I have to take you back to the late 1990s when Pokémon first took the world by storm. In a nutshell the ‘game’ was to “catch ’em all” – and by all I mean 151 different creatures, which can be animals, trees, dinosaurs, eggs…the list is bizarre! Each had their own strengths and weaknesses you used them to battle against friends. A simple and highly addictive concept.

Originally the game took place on Nintendo’s handheld consoles – which meant it was restricted to those who had one. And yet it still became (and remains, though on a smaller scale) a worldwide phenomenon. Eventually the list of Pokémon reached around 720 and people went mad trying to “catch ’em all”.

Now it’s back…

With Pokémon Go Nintendo have taken advantage of modern technology and ‘freed’ the Pokémon from the confines of handheld gaming consoles to the real world. And that is exactly what fans have been waiting for, hence the renewed interest.

With augmented reality Pokémon Go uses your smartphone’s GPS and clock to figure out where and when you are in the game and then makes Pokémon ‘appear’ in the world around you. Sounds confusing, right? It’s not – check out the video.

So basically you have to get up, get out, go hunting and try to capture as many Pokémon as you can using your phone. And it seems it’s just as addictive as the original version from 1998. 

Today European users are reporting the game is appearing in the app stores, with Germany first. However, you can get it on your Android phone right now. iPhone users need to do this. Not anymore – just go to your app store!

The Pokémon Go phenomenon is only just beginning but it’s already taking over Twitter and strange and bizarre stories are emerging as people go hunting for the critters. Stories like a teenage girl discovering a dead body and suspected robbers luring victims with the promise of new Pokémon.

Even celebrities are getting in on the act. Like WWE owner Vince McMahon…

…Demi Levato (outed by Nick Jonas!)…

…and singer/musician John Mayer!


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In the States Pokémon Go now has more daily users than Twitter. You don’t get much bigger than that!

Are you playing?

So what I want to know is this. Are you playing Pokémon Go, what lengths are you going to to catch them all and…I suppose…should I be playing too?!

Love to hear your stories, guys and gals!