Mexican Coca-Cola – Just Cool?

Mexican Coke

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Mexican Coca-Cola has something of a cult following in America. It’s “hecho en Mexico” – made in Mexico – and imported to the States to be sold at a premium in hipster neighbourhoods, fine dining restaurants and, increasingly, big box stores like CostCo. But why?

Well, it’s all based on one thing that makes Mexican Coke different to US Coke – it’s made with real cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. To Americans this either makes it taste better or makes it healthier…or both. 

The reality though, is somewhat different. First of all, Mexican Coca-Cola is actually made with both cane sugar AND corn syrup – a roughly 50/50 split according to some sources. Secondly, research from Coca-Cola themselves shows there is almost NO discernible difference in taste. 

Nevertheless, Mexican Coke is massively popular – it’s just cool. The fact it comes in Coke’s original glass bottle as opposed to the plastic bottles most common in the US now helps with that.

We don’t sell Mexican Coca-Cola – it’s hard to come by and it would prove hugely expensive to import, meaning we might have to charge you as much as £5 a bottle, maybe more!

But what if we told you there was an alternative? A much better alternative, in fact? 

Jarritos Mexican Cola

Jarritos Mexican Cola

BUY IT NOW – it really IS cool!

This is a cool soda. This is made with all-natural cane soda and NO high fructose corn syrup. This comes in a classy glass bottle. This tastes crisper and sweeter than American Coke (and possible Mexcian Coke too!). This, in short, is cool.

Jarritos Mexican Cola (“jarritos” comes from the word “jug”, as Mexicans like to drink their beverages from jugs) is made with natural ingredients, not just the sugar, and while we couldn’t claim it makes it healthier than Coca-Cola it certainly does make a difference to the taste.

And you know what makes it even better? We sell it.

Give it a try, compare it to genuine American Coca-Cola, and tell us…which one do you think is better?