Harry Potter Shooters (or Harry Shotters!)

There’s something the people at Graphic Nerdity and I have in common. Two things actually. First, we’re all geeks and nerds (and proud of it). Second, we like the occasional libation. As you’ll perhaps have gathered from two recent cocktail-based posts (here and here)…

At GN they’ve been experimenting with cocktails of their own – or to be more precise, shooters – all themed around everyone’s favourite child wizard, Harry Potter. They’ve given them all amusing and clever names and lumped the lot under the perfect title of Harry Shotters.

I’ll be honest, some of them sound seriously bad and one of them, as a whiskey lover myself, should never, ever have been created (but perhaps the name makes up for the blasphemy?). Either way, here they are in all their alcoholic glory. Give them a try, let us know what you think!

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TriWhiskey Cup

Blasphemous concoction – but worth it for the name!

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Gin Weasley / Rum Weasley

Gin or Rum, it’s up to you!

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Sectum Sambuca

Hot, hot, HOT!

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Expecto Patrón

Not the SPIRIT guardian you were after…

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One of my personal favourites!

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Avada Tequila

Tequila and Mountain Dew. Yes, really.

All credit to Graphic Nerdity for these. Think they sound disgusting? Well…they can’t be as bad as these, can they? 😉