5 – no 10! – of the best BBQ recipes we’ve ever had

BBQ Recipes, Sauces & Essentials

It’s looking like it’s going to be a cracking weekend, weather-wise, which means many of us will be dusting the cobwebs off our barbecues and getting some grilling action on the go.

High time I brought to you the best of the best of the best in terms of barbecuing recipes and essentials then, eh!

Over the years we’ve published loads of BBQ recipes – here’s our best 10.

That’s the food taken care of…now you just need the equipment (aside from the obvious barbecue!). Fortunately, wrestling God and WWE Hall of Famer Jim “Good ‘Ol JR” Ross is also a bit an expert when it comes to the grill and has put together a list of eight grilling essentials every aspiring Grill King should have in their arsenal.

Oh, and a couple of years ago we teamed up with Birstall Garden & Leisure Centre to advise on smokers and pizza ovens that offer alternatives to the grill when the weather’s good. Check it out.

Now it’s your turn – what’s your favourite BBQ recipe? Share it with us in the comments, on Facebook or email it to ben@americansoda.co.uk. We’ll post our favourites right here on the blog!