11 Root Beer Cocktail Recipes

It’s not easy to make a tasty cocktail using root beer. The combination of sassafras, roots, cinnamon, and other flavours is a difficult one to partner with spirits. The intense flavour of root beer either completely overrides the booze or ends up being sickly sweet with a hint of toothpaste.

The process is further complicated by root beer brands all tasting slightly different. American Soda’s range of root beers will, however, do the trick and I particularly recommend using either Hansen’s (Diet if you like) or Dad’s.

You could spend hours experimenting until you came up with a cocktail that works for you. OR…you could try one of these which I scoured the internet for on your behalf! I reckon there’s something here for everyone. Oh, and if it’s got a star next to it, it’s a personal recommendation I’ve tried. 🙂

Black & Brown Shooter* – the Guinness takes the edge off the intense root beer flavour, leaving a shooter that has just the right balance

Captain & Root Beer

Captain & Root Beer

Captain & Root Beer – Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum combines beautifully with root beer. You can try it with normal Captain Morgan’s rum…but I think you’ll like this one more. I’d also add vanilla ice cream to compliment the booze or, as the pic above suggests, heavy whipping cream with a drop of vanilla extract

Ramos Gin Fizz – the gin and freshly squeezed citrus juice mix well with the root flavours and the creamy finish just tops it off

Root Beer Barrel Shot* – the key here is the vanilla in the vodka as it works so well with the root flavours. It’s a shooter, but it’s easy to make into a fully fledged cocktail

Kahlua Root Beer Float – yep, tried and trusted root beer and ice cream with Kahlua and vanilla vodka. Highly recommended

Cherry Toucan – non-alcoholic cocktail for the kids, it uses Coca-Cola (I recommend Vanilla Coke though), grenadine ad root beer

Coconut & Cream Float – replace the cream soda with root beer in this recipe for a completely new twist on the root beer cocktail

Sasparilla Assassin – this one DOES taste like toothpaste thanks to the peppermint schnapps but the edge is taken off by the strong whiskey and tequila mix

Absinthe Root Beer Float (no link)* – three parts root beer, one part absinthe and vanilla ice cream. Ice cream first, absinthe second, top with root beer. Awesome

Bucabeer* – sambuca and root beer. Simple but effective

Root Beer Float Martini

Root Beer Float Martini

Root Beer Float Martini – this one is tricky – you need Smirnoff Root Beer Float Vodka. Yes, it’s real, but rare. If you can get it combine with traditional root beer float ingredients for a safe-tasting, non-safe cocktail