April Fool’s Day Food Pranks

Friday is April Fool’s Day and I reckon you’re going to want to prank some people – who doesn’t? We’re all about the food and drink here at American Soda so I figured the BEST pranks would be food or drink related. Here’s five you can try on the day – just be careful, you could lose some friends doing these… 🙂

1. Delicious Brownies

Around lunchtime you get that craving for something sweet, tasty and filling, don’t you. Your mind wanders to something like a brownie to fill that craving. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share your home made brownies with your co-workers or school friends?

Now you can, easily. Simply say you’ve baked some brownies and ask them if they want one. When they inevitable say “YES!” hand them one…of these…


Brown “E’s” – get it??

2. Truffles with a difference

What do most people love? Chocolate. What do most people hate? Sprouts. Put them together for a truly wicked April Fool’s Day prank!

Chocolate Truffle Sprouts

3. Milk & Cookies

Put out a nice cold glass of milk, a plate of delicious cookies and a little sign saying they’re free. Then stand back and watch the hilarity as your friends and colleagues fall for your hilarious prank. You see, you’ve added gelatin to that inviting glass of milk to make it solid – no dipping cookies in this bad boy! 😀

Milk and Cookies

4. Free cake!

This one is so simple. Take a plate, cover it with foil but make it look like there’s something underneath, then stick a Post-It note on top that reads, yes you guessed it, “Free Cake!”. Then watch as people remove the foil to reveal another Post-It with a message of your choice on it…

Free Cake

5. Mint OREOs?

And finally…this one is as old as the cookie itself, but it’s still as good. Simply replace the white filling of OREO cookies with toothpaste, plate them up and offer them around. Watch as your friends, family and co-workers bite into the cookie, chew, then realise something is very, very wrong! And remember – the stronger the toothpaste, the more crazy the reaction! 😀

OREO Toothpaste

If you pull any pranks this April Fool’s Day, let us know about them in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter! Oh, and make sure you check your inbox first thing on April 1st – this is NOT a joke! You’ll like what you read. 🙂