[UPDATED] Vintage Soda Watches – we want one! Kickstarter Campaign now LIVE!

Vintage Soda Collection

There’s a brilliant new Kickstarter campaign beginning on March 1st that, if successful, will result in a product we absolutely want to own!

Vintage SodaThirsty Watch®, a French watch manufacturer that were pioneers of the 80’s colourful watch, are all set to launch Vintage Soda, watch designs inspired by the visual world of American sodas from the 50s through to the 80s.

We absolutely love these watch designs and we urge you to pledge your support on Kickstarter right here.

Here’s a video they created about the project, in which you can see many of the designs:

Vintage Soda Watch Close UpDavid Attias, CEO of ThirstyWatch®, has this to say about Vintage Soda:

Vintage Soda is definitely the most personal watch I have ever designed. I had this idea in the back of my head for several years but did not have the funds or support needed to release it. That was until I met my very good friend Alejandra Soriano, who is an expert in Social Media. Based on a common passion for creative design, we decided to join forces to develop the Vintage Soda concept.

Everyone here at American Soda is hoping this is one Kickstarter campaign that has NO problem gaining support – I mean, who wouldn’t want one of these beautiful, creative, unique watches on their wrist?

Remember, pledge your support to ensure these watches get made and you enjoy a hefty discount on the RRP!