New Year, New You

Hello and Happy New Year!

Our first blog post of 2016. Wow, 2015 flew by! We had some ups (Wonka returned alongside a host of new products) and downs (we lost a LOT of sodas thanks to EU regulations) but overall it was a pretty great year! And we’re hoping for more of the same (well, the ups anyway!) for 2016.

We’ve already kicked off with a group of new breakfast cereals that provide healthy benefits as well as delicious flavours. You’ll find them all in the Protein & Energy Foods section. They’re all American and include Special K, Cheerios and Frosted Flakes, so you know the brands, just not the taste and benefits. Go check them out.

9811Late last year we introduced a sister site, Protein Megastore. You may have seen an email from us about that. Protein Megastore provides a range of nutritious foods and supplements to help you get in shape for the New Year. 

It’s not just for fitness fanatics and gym bunnies though. A lot of the products on Protein Megastore can be enjoyed by anyone, bringing with them great flavours alongside the health benefits. Take a look at the protein and energy bars for example, which make great breakfast replacements – and there are plenty of other choices too.

We’ve got high hopes for the Megastore this year so you can expect to occasionally hear from us about it but the best way to keep up to date is to sign up to the Protein Megastore Newsletter at the foot of their homepage.

All this talk of healthy food is great, but this is American Soda and we’re not abandoning the candy or soda, we assure you! We hope to be bringing you a whole lot more new stuff alongside your favourites, with particular attention being paid to soda.

Having lost a lot of your favourite drinks we’re working hard to source, test, approve and provide you with all-new ones. Just before Christmas we brought Virgil’s range of sodas to you and just this week we saw the welcome return of Fanta Apple. Expect more of this in 2016!


All that remains is for us to say a big thank you for your custom in 2015 and we look forward to serving you in 2016. Happy New Year from the whole American Soda team.