Christmas means Eggnog. Premium Eggnog.

Borden Premium EggnogPicture the scene. It’s Christmas Eve. A comfy chair. Lights dimmed. Fire burning. The snow falling outside. Lights on the tree twinkling. Kids in bed. Presents wrapped. Time to relax.

What could be better than a warm glass of eggnog, a shot of your favourite spirit within, sprinkled with cinnamon. Warming in the hands and in the belly. 

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the taste of Christmas. And you can enjoy it this festive season thanks to American Soda and Borden.

Imported direct from the US, the home of eggnog, you can enjoy eggnog with bourbon, brandy, rum or just in your coffee this Christmas. It truly is delicious. 

Oh, and it also makes some fantastic pound cake!

Go on…treat yourself to some genuine American eggnog