6 weird and wonderful Star Wars food tie-ins

Star Wars season officially kicks off this week with the release of Star Wars Battlefront, a first person shooter that sees you taking part in some of the biggest battles from the series. And, of course, on December 18th we finally get to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

To celebrate, we decided to hunt the web for some of the weird and wonderful foods created in the name of Star Wars over the years. Enjoy!

Star Wars Coffee-Mate

CPmkxWkUkAAMDOdAlthough Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away, the cast are apparently all coffee lovers. Caffeine addiction is, it seems, universal.

Well, that’s the conclusion we’ve come to based on these delightful Star Wars-themed Coffee Mate’s.

We’d like to think they’re based on the favourite coffee varieties of the cast, although we suspect it’s more based on their colour: how else do you explain R2-D2 being French Vanilla or Boba Fett being Italian Sweet Creme?

Meanwhile, Chewbacca represents Spiced Latte, C3-PO is Hazelnut and Darth Vader is an appropriately dark Espresso Chocolate flavour. After all, there’s nothing Darth loves more than a quick coffee after force-choking an incompetent minion to death.

Frosted Han Solo Pop Tarts

Han Solo Pop Tarts

To be honest, we think Han Solo wouldn’t have minded being imprisoned by Jabba The Hutt if it meant being encased in a Pop Tart, as he is in this delicious looking treat. Although we’re not sure that Jabba would have been able to resist temptation…

Sadly, the Han Solo Pop Tart isn’t edible. It was made by Falcon Toys from distinctly undelicious resin. It does come in sweet action figure-style packaging though, so that’s some consolation. It’ll probably be worth quite a lot in the future too, although they’re currently all sold out.

Don’t worry, though; you could always make your own with a few pop tarts and a Han Solo action figure (please remove the action figure before eating!)

Star Wars Chicken and Pasta Soup

star-wars-soupEveryone knows that before heading out on a mission against the Galactic Empire, a good Jedi always fills his stomach with…erm, soup. At least that’s what Campbell’s would like you to think with these delightful pasta shapes in chicken broth.

Chicken soup isn’t the most glamourous of foods, so you’d imagine that Campbell’s would try and reverse that image by putting someone cool like Han Solo or Obi-Wan on the can. Nope! They decided to put Yoda and C3-PO on the tin instead. C3-PO doesn’t even eat!

General Mills’ Star Wars Cereal (AKA Star Wars Lucky Charms)

Star Wars CerealNow this is seriously cool. On Star Wars day this year, General Mills unveiled perhaps the greatest cereal of all time: Star Wars Lucky Charms.

It’s the Lucky Charms you know and love, but with less leprechauns and more Darth Vader.

Just the description is enough to send the average Star Wars fanatic into a frenzy: the cereal is shaped to look like an X-Wing, a TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon, while the marshmallows are shaped like Yoda, a Stormtrooper and lightsabers.

Take note, food companies: THIS is how you do a movie tie-in!

The Dark Vador Burger

dark vador burgerIf Sith Lords ate fast food, this is what they’d tuck into. The ‘Dark Vador’ (no, we’re not sure why it’s spelt like that either) is the official burger of everyone’s favourite bad dad, and it’s suitably dark: it has two patties, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, spicy sauce and a jet black burger bun.

Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to tuck into one yourself as it was created by French fast food chain Quick to promote the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace in 2012.

Jar Jar Tongue Candy

Jar Jar Binks Tongue Candy

Do you love Jar Jar Binks so much that you want to kiss his big Gungan mug passionately? No?

Then thank Yoda you can’t buy this monstrosity any more. It’s a lollipop shaped like Jar Jar Binks’ tongue. Yep, someone actually thought that Star Wars fans would enjoy sucking on Jar Jar Binks’ tongue while he looks on dead-eyed. To be honest, we feel a bit ill thinking about it…

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