Love Pepsi? Then you’ll want one of these odd but wonderful varieties!

Pepsi is one of the most popular American soda brands in the world, and one of the most adventurous too! Over the years, the company has released some truly odd variations of the classic Pepsi formula. Here are a few of our favourites; grab yourself a Pepsi Throwback or Pepsi Wild Cherry and read on!

Pepsi Blue

bc2a29c1d50c28f1f82222703f94b017When is a Pepsi not a Pepsi? When it’s a Pepsi Blue!

This concoction wasn’t a cola but a blue fruity soda described as ‘berry’ by Pepsi, although they never specified what kind of berry. Some said blueberry (obviously), others said raspberry, while others claimed it tasted like cotton candy.

Whatever it was, it didn’t catch on. Designed to compete with Vanilla Coke, Pepsi Blue flopped presumably because, unlike Vanilla Coke, no-one really knew what to expect. It also looked a bit like mouthwash.

It wasn’t as if Pepsi didn’t promote it enough either; they made adverts starring the likes of Britney Spears and Papa Roach, and it was featured in…erm, Garfield: The Movie and the Mark Wahlberg remake of The Italian Job. Okay, we can kinda see why it didn’t work out now…

Pepsi Blue was discontinued in the US in 2004, but apparently it’s still available in parts of Mexico and Indonesia.

Pepsi AM

66There’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee in the morning. However, back in 1989, Pepsi had a theory; people didn’t want coffee, they wanted caffeine – and lots of it.
And so, Pepsi AM was born. It was essentially a can of Pepsi, but with nearly 30% more caffeine to give you a kick up the bum in the morning.

However, there were a few problems. Firstly, it still had 77% less caffeine than a cup of coffee, which meant caffeine addicts (who Pepsi were targeting) stuck with their morning cup of joe. Secondly, the name pigeonholed AM as a strictly morning drink, and a lot of people don’t drink soda in the morning.

And so, Pepsi AM was discontinued in 1990 and coffee went on to become the beverage of choice for exhausted commuters everywhere.

Pepsi Fire and Ice

enhanced-buzz-16700-1330101392-15Pepsi Fire and Ice wasn’t a Game of Thrones spin-off unfortunately, but a pair of sodas released for a limited period in South-East Asia in 2007.

Fire tasted like cinnamon; so far, so good. Ice, though, tasted like mint. Mint cola? We’re not so sure, but we wouldn’t mind giving it a try!

To confuse people, Pepsi also released ‘Pepsi Ice’ in the Czech Republic – except this time, it tasted like apple. We’re not sure why they didn’t just call it Pepsi Apple to be honest.

Pepsi Crystal

tumblr_lejidy8uqW1qdbcfgBack in the 1990s, people associated clarity with health and purity, which pretty much made dark, sugary cola the complete opposite of a healthy choice in the eyes of transparency-obsessed health nuts.

That wasn’t going to stop Pepsi, though. Through the magic of science, they managed to make a completely clear Pepsi and made it caffeine-free too. It was like water for people who find water boring, which meant it should have been a roaring success.

It wasn’t. Despite a strong start, sales of Pepsi Clear gradually dropped and Pepsi discontinued the product after less than a year. It could be making a comeback, though; after a recent petition gained around 37,000 signatures, Pepsi announced they might bring it back.

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Mmm, cucumber…right? Yeah, we’re not entirely sold on this one either…

Ice Cucumber is one of the many odd Pepsi varieties sold in Japan, where there seems to be high demand for weird and wonderful colas. Other odd flavours include Pepsi Pink (strawberry milkshake), Pepsi White (yoghurt) and Pepsi Mont Blanc. If you love strange flavoured colas, Japan is pretty much heaven!


Have you tried any of the weird Pepsi varieties in this post? Or have you tried another variety we’ve left out? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter!

  • Pete Cox

    I remember there was a Pepsi Tropical and Pepsi Strawberry in the UK, came in smaller cans some time in the early 90’s

  • Funny, we don’t recall those at all. MASSIVE fans of strawberry though, would love to try that one!