8 American Foods That Could Become Britain’s Next Favourite Meal!

Although we’ve always known American food was awesome, it’s only in the past few years that American food has really taken off in Britain. You’d struggle to find a restaurant that doesn’t serve pulled pork these days, and BBQ is so popular that Man vs. Food legend Adam Richman has his own primetime BBQ competition on ITV. And we know first hand how popular American sweets are!

The good news for US food fans is that we’ve only hit the tip of the American food iceberg. We’ve trawled the States and found some regional dishes we think could take off this side of the pond next (and a couple that probably won’t, but hey, they’re interesting!).



This breakfast dish is made from ground sausage meat (pork, beef or both!) and oats, which are formed into a loaf, cut into slices and fried in pork fat. It’s practically a mix between meatloaf and a fry-up, which means it’s almost certain to go down a storm in the UK. It’s an extremely popular dish in Cincinnati, Ohio – it’s even known in some quarters as Cincinnati caviar.

Loco Moco


From the slightly more glamorous locale of Hawaii, this is comfort food island-style. It’s beautifully simple too: just slap a hamburger patty on top of some white rice, top it with a fried egg and add gravy. You can add onions if you want too. With street food all the rage, we can really see this one taking off; just make sure you don’t forget who pointed you in the right direction when you make millions from your own Loco Moco stand!

Watergate Salad

Picture 148

Picture 148

If you thought we were going to list something for the health conscious, you’re out of luck because this salad definitely isn’t your traditional diet food. Instead, it’s a delicious fruit salad from the Midwest which consists of chopped pineapple, pistachio pudding, pecans, Cool Whip and marshmallows. Basically, it’s like someone took your traditional fruit salad and made it a million times delicious. That’s something we can definitely get on board with!

Loose Meat


This dish from our friends in Iowa is simple yet effective; an unformed hamburger in a bun. Yep, that’s it – it’s pretty much just mince in a bread roll. Given the popularity of burgers at the moment, though, we think this could be the next big thing. Just you wait!

Deep Fried Cheese Curds


A favourite in the American North West, deep fried cheese curds are best experienced at the Minnesota State Fair. Given people’s willingness to try some of America’s stranger foods over the past couple of years, we see no reason why deep fried cheese curds can’t sit alongside pulled pork as one of Britain’s favourite US dishes. Well, apart from the fact that some people don’t know what curds are…

Reindeer Hot Dogs


Alaskans are a big fan of reindeer hot dogs, so we’re guessing they either haven’t heard the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or simply don’t care because he’s so delicious.

With Brits getting more adventurous with their meat choices, we think people could eventually get over the Christmas connection and enjoy themselves some caribou – especially if it’s topped with the trademark Coca-Cola caramelized onions!

Fried Rattlesnake


Anyone? No? Alright, we’ll move on… (if you do fancy some snake for tea, though, pop to the annual World’s Largest Rattlesnake Round-Up in Sweetwater, Texas).



This delicacy from the South has all the makings of Britain’s next favourite American food: it’s deep fried, served with hot sauce and can be eaten either in a restaurant or on the go.

Oh, and did we mention it’s made entirely of pig intestines, all of which have to be cleaned intensely before serving? Yeah, maybe this one won’t go over so well on second thoughts…

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