5 of the weirdest foods inspired by American movies and TV shows

Long ago, clever marketing types figured out that most people who love movies also love food. So, to reach those food-loving moviegoers, they decided to team up with various food companies to produce snacks and treats based on the movies or TV shows they were promoting.

For the most part, these tie-ins are fairly obvious, like a themed breakfast cereal. Sometimes, though, things get a little bit weird (especially if burgers are involved, as you’ll see shortly). Such as…

The Walking Dead Human Flesh Burger

walking dead burgers

Does watching ‘The Walking Dead’ make you feel peckish? Then this is the burger for you.

A collaboration between Fox and two London-based chefs to celebrate the launch of Season 5, The Walking Dead Human Flesh Burger wasn’t actually made of human flesh (thankfully) but designed to taste just like it, which is equally weird if you ask us.

But with no zombies to consult, how did the chefs know what human flesh tastes like? They looked at the testimonials of real life cannibals, of course! And then they made a lovely infographic with all of those quotes (seriously, don’t click that link if you’re squeamish)!

The final product consisted of pork, veal, chicken livers and bone marrow, and was served up at an East London pop-up called the Terminus Tavern over the course of a single day. Anyone else feel a bit queasy?

The Batman Burger (from Hong Kong)


What kind of burger do you think Batman would enjoy? Something with lots of black pepper, or a lashing of the darkest BBQ sauce available?

Nope! According to McDonald’s in Hong Kong, the Dark Knight loves nothing more than a Double Cheeseburger mixed with an Egg McMuffin. Maybe he combines breakfast and dinner so he can spend more time crime-fighting? Although we imagine the Batsuit would be a bit of a squeeze after eating this, to be honest…

The Dark Vador Burger

dark vador burger

From one Dark Knight to another, this Darth Vader-themed burger was created by French fast food chain Quick to coincide with the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace.

While we admire Quick’s attempts to make the buns black, we can’t help but feel that they look more ‘rolls you were forgot were at the bottom of the bread bin’ than ‘Dark Lord of the Galaxy’. But still, 10/10 for effort.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the Dark Vador burger anymore, but we’re relatively certain they will be an avalanche of weird food tie-ins when The Force Awakens is released. Watch this space…

The Fantastic Four Menu at Denny’s

fantastic four menu

Fantastic Four hasn’t had the greatest of receptions, but that didn’t stop Denny’s from dedicating an entire menu to the film. Yummy!

Each character got their own themed dish. The Human Torch was represented by a hot skillet plate with a giant sausage, bell peppers and jalapenos, while the Thing got a giant bacon cheeseburger with a Thing-esque cheddar bun and the slightly-alarming sounding ‘Thing Sauce’. Dr. Doom got a Chocolate Lava Cake, because evil tastes good.

Unfortunately, the menu team seem to have run out of ideas there. The Invisible Woman got a very-visible dish of pancakes, eggs, bacon and hash browns (rather than the obvious and hilarious choice of serving up an empty plate), while Mr Fantastic  – the leader of the Fantastic Four, no less – got diddly squat. Instead, Denny’s decided to run with the puntastic ‘Fantastic Four Cheese Omelette’.

Spider-Man Pop Tarts

spiderman pop tarts

Back in 2001, two American institutions combined to produce one of the coolest looking Pop Tart varieties we’ve ever seen. Designed to look like Spidey himself, Spider-Man Pop Tarts consisted of red pastry, blue frosting and grey web detail.

So far, so good…until someone decided to name the filling ‘Spidey-Berry’, which sounds distinctly icky. Luckily, it was actually wildberry rather than a mix of spider and berries, but did they really have to give it such a weird name?

What’s the weirdest movie/food tie-in you’ve ever seen? And what’s the best? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter!