5 of the craziest American food challenges

As you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you love American food. But how much do you love it?

That’s the question posed by the titanic food challenges in this post. These are some of the biggest, craziest and tastiest feasts in the world – could you handle them? 

The 8th Wonder Challenge

Held at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, New Jersey, the 8th Wonder Challenge is worthy of its name.

The goal is simple: demolish a 105lb, 28in burger in 60 minutes. We said simple, not possible!

Luckily, you can team up with 9 other friends to take on the challenge, although that still adds up to just over 10lbs of food each. Considering most food challenges weigh in at between 4 – 6lbs, it’s no surprise that no one has managed to conquer the 8th Wonder.

Still, it’s worth a shot: you win $5000 if can eat it all. That almost makes for not being able to walk for a week afterwards!

Unnecessary Roughness

Stadium-Grills-Unnecessary-Roughness-BurgerThis bad boy is the evil brainchild of The Stadium Grill in Columbia, Montana. You’ll probably need a stomach the size of a stadium to try it: this monster contains burger, bacon, cheeses, onion rings, fried egg and pulled pork, weighing at 5lbs in total. Oh, and you get a pound of fries on the side too for good measure.

With a strict time limit of one hour, Unnecessary Roughness has proven too much for anyone who’s tried it. If you do manage to finish it, you win the meal plus $50 of food and drink every month for a year. Not that you’ll ever want to eat again…

The Big Fat Ugly Sandwich

As the name suggests, The Fat Sandwich Company in Champaign, Illinois, specialises in big sandwiches filled to bursting with American goodness.

The Big Fat Ugly is the biggest of them all, and is pretty much what would happen if someone tried to get every single great American foodstuff between two slices of bread. It contains, in no particular order: grilled chicken, bacon, sausage, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, 4 cheeseburgers, double cheesesteak, gyro meat, chicken cheesesteak, mac and cheese bites, fried mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, onion rings, pizza bite, hash browns, corndogs, cheese and mozzarella sticks. Oh, and mayo, of course.

So how long do you think you’d get to eat a sandwich like that? An hour? 45 minutes?

You get 15 minutes. Yep, you have to finish that entire sandwich in just 15 minutes. If you do, you win a free t-shirt. We’d recommend going a size up, to be honest.

The Rocky Top Ice Cream Challenge – It’s All So Yummy Cafe, Knoxville, Tennessee


Mmm, ice cream. How can you not love it?

Erm…if you happen to have taken the Rocky Top Ice Cream Challenge. This beast from It’s All So Yummy Cafe is enough to test even the most ardent of ice cream lover’s passion for gelato.

The admittedly-delicious sounding towering sundae consists of 16 scoops of ice cream, 3 bananas, 3 giant brownies, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and marshmallow. You have one hour to tackle it all and if you’re successful, you get your picture on the wall of fame (plus you’ll have just scoffed $50 worth of ice cream and sweets for free – not a bad deal!).

El Jefe Grande Burger

Spanish speakers (and people will access to Google Translate, which is…erm, pretty much anyone reading this) will know that ‘El Jefe Grande’ means ‘The Big Boss’ in Spanish. And it’s fair to say this burger, which you’ll find at Kenny’s Burger Joint in Frisco, Texas, will probably be your boss by the end of the hour you get to eat it!

Just reading the ingredient list makes us feel full: you get a 3 pound patty, topped with half a pound of bacon, chili, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and fries, as well as two oversized slices of Texas Toast. It weighs 7lb in total, which is over half a stone of food in one sitting.

If you do manage to boss El Jefe Grande, you win a $100 Kenny’s Burger Joint gift card and our undying respect.

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