Halloween Snack Ideas That Are Fun To Make

We’ve put together some great ideas for Halloween snacks that will you and the kids will have fun making AND eating. Whether you’re just taking the kids out Trick or Treating or throwing a big party, these will keep hunger at bay and they taste amazing.

Plus, you get to be creative!

Freaky Pizzas

Freaky Pizza FacesThis is so simple and so much fun. Turn a pizza into a freaky or scary face using toppings of your choice.

All you’ll need are pizza bases, a jar or two of pizza sauce and a range of pizza toppings. We recommend the following:

  • Grated cheese – a must and great for hair or use all over for a face base
  • Olives – great for making eyes
  • Peppers – can be cut or carved into nose shapes, mouth shapes and even ears
  • Ham – cut into strips it can be used to make straggly hair, beards or moustaches
  • Pepperoni – good for eyes as well
  • Ground beef – can be used for hair or stubble
  • Anchovies – fishy eyebrows anyone?

You can be as creative as you like with your ingredients, but the idea is to prepare pizzas with the scariest, most freaky faces you can and, of course, the kids can each make their own!

Hot Dog Mummies

Hot Dog MummiesGet a couple of tins of hot dogs, some unbaked bread sticks or filo pastry, some hot dog mustard and some ketchup. Now simply wrap each hot dog in the bread sticks/pastry, leaving a bit of the sausage showing at the top. Bake for the required amount (10-15 minutes usually), remove from the oven and dot a couple of eyes on the mummies. Serve with ketchup ‘blood’ on the side.

How ridiculously easy was that?! There are, of course, many variations on this theme – you can mummify pretty much any ‘long’ food, not just sausages. For example, if you’ve got a vegetarian in the house then you could swap out the sausages for pre-cooked or raw veg like carrots and dot the eyes using mayo, salad cream or some other relatively thick sauce.

Think outside the box!

Mummy Muffins

Mummy MuffinsThis is similar to the Freaky Pizzas (in fact, you could achieve this on full scale pizzas!). 

All you need is a few English muffins, cut in half, some pizza sauce, cheese and olives. 

Toast the muffins lightly then spread the sauce on top. Position halved olives as eyes then lay strips of cheese across the muffin like bandages.

Briefly grill to melt the cheese and heat the sauce then fill in the pits in the olives with a dot of ketchup, may or even wasabi!

If you’ve positioned that cheese right, you should now be looking at some very tasty looking Mummy Muffins! Enjoy!

Severed Fingers

Severed FingersYou can serve these as tasty bites or, even better, make a chilli or casserole and arrange them around the top of the dish, using the lid to hold them in place creating a spooky effect! They’re really simple too.

Take some cocktail sausages, wrap them in filo pastry, put a small slit in the top of each sausage and fill with a slice of almond for fingernails. Lightly oil the pastry and sprinkle with some parmesan cheese then put in the oven for around 12 minutes at 375 F (190 C, Gas Mark 5).

While the fingers are baking you can prepare a bloody dipping sauce – we recommend mixing some tomato sauce with a bit of seasoning such as a mixed Italian seasoning.

There you have it – four fantastic ideas for Halloween snacks this year. Of course, you could do these any time of year and they’re totally suitable for the kids to help with!

What will YOU be serving up this Halloween?