4 SICK Pumpkin Carving Ideas

The tradition of carving a pumpkin at Halloween is a much-loved part of the holiday. Quite rightly too. 

It’s a great opportunity to get the kids involved, letting them come up with their own scary faces and scooping out all that lovely(?) filling. It’s also a really good opportunity to get seriously creative. We’ve got two Facebook albums (here and here) of some of our favourites sent in by you and found on the interweb.

But then we stumbled across these very clever and even more disgusting pumpkin creations! Just take a look!

The Sick Pumpkin & Disgusted Pal

We liked this one as it wasn’t over the top but did show some seriously clever carving in the facial department!


The Big White Telephone

This one made it…just! Excellent use of props!


Oh my God that’s HUGE (and disgusting!)

Have you ever seen a pumpkin THAT big?!?!


He just couldn’t take any more…

Of course, it doesn’t just have to be vomit…it’s Halloween…any bodily fluids (or parts) will do! This one has it all. Design, creativity, props…and yeah, it’s gross!


Come Halloween itself this year we’ll be asking you to send us photos of your pumpkin creations via Facebook, so please pop over there now and like our page. 🙂