Halloween Blasts from the Past!

Every year we cover Halloween on the American Soda blog and it seems a shame that all those posts should just lie dormant. So, as this year’s event gets ever closer, we thought we’d highlight some of our favourites from previous years! We hope you enjoy them!

Halloween 2014

My Trick or Treating Experience

Our very own Jordan was kind enough to tell us about taking his little ones out on Halloween three years ago. It looks like they had a lot of fun…and his kids certainly got a lot of candy that night!

2 Ridiculously Simple but Delicious Candy Corn Recipes

This from last year is a real treat. Written by Alan Stone (who has since left us), he tells us about two uses for candy corn, neither of which involves just stuffing the delicious candy in your mouth! Well, not straight away anyway!

Let’s Bake! Candy Corn Cake

This was actually a recipe we shared earlier this year but it seems very appropriate for this time of year! Candy corn in cake form, the perfect dessert or treat for Halloween!

Trick Or Treat Candy & Other Halloween Ideas

Two years ago we put together a guide for Halloween that covered what candy to have to hand for the trick or treaters, some more recipe ideas for snacks and the like, Halloween costumes and more. If you’re going to throw  a Halloween party this year, this is a great place to start for ideas.

What will you be getting up to on October 31st this year?