5 Hints And Tips For Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and the age-old question comes round again: What should I wear? Hopefully, we can help you there. With 175 years worth of experience we have heard so many costume ideas from the funny to the just plain crazy! Here are some of our top tips for the perfect Halloween costume.

Get Some Inspiration

Dark Red Riding Hood

Dark Red Riding Hood

What shall we be today… a Witch or a Cat? Yes these are great Halloween costumes, but perhaps a bit obvious. You can take any costume and give it a unique Halloween twist with some blood or some different accessories, and you remove the problem of someone having the same costume as you! How about a Killer Banana or a Shipwrecked Sailor? One person came into the shop last year wanting to be a “Chavvy DJ Werewolf” – the possibilities are endless! If you’re stuck for inspiration, it’s worth thinking about iconic characters or themes in popular culture: there are countless great costume ideas in films, books and TV shows that are perfect for Halloween. For example, our Halloween theme this year is Grim Fairytales, so we took fairytale costumes and turned them evil.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your look in advance. Find out if it fits and what kind of underwear will work with the costume. For the ladies check if a petticoat or leggings is required to give your costume more cover. Buy your make-up well in advance and have a go so you are not pressured by time, our make-up is simple to use but if your friends are kept waiting you could be unpopular.

If you have children, make sure they are happy with their choice in costume. If it has a mask, check that they comfortable wearing it and that the eye, nose and mouth holes are in the right place so they can see and breath. If you are going to put make-up on children make sure you do a patch test on the inside of the elbow to make sure they won’t have an allergic reaction to the make-up.

Dress For Comfort

Is your costume too big for the venue? If the party is at a busy bar then a huge costume will not make you popular. If the party is indoors then you will need to keep cool, so heavy costumes or big rubber masks may not be the best choice.

If you are going out trick-or-treating with your kids then warm costumes would be more appropriate. Make sure your children are warm enough by buying costumes with long sleeves and that aren’t too short. You can always put layers underneath a costume to give it a little extra warmth if you need to. You can add gloves and a hat to their costumes.

Also ladies, think about your costumes too. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside, maybe get some thick tights or a costume with long sleeves. No one wants to put on a coat when they spent ages picking a costume and painting their arms with blood and face paint.

No To Costume? Still Make An Effort!

Night Stalker Mask

Night Stalker Mask

We know a few people who hate costumes and fancy dress (I know right?!) so if you are one of those folks do not dress up and go to the party full of resentment. You can dress in your most elegant gown and add a simple mask; alternatively wear your scruffiest outfit and put on a horrific make-up effect. We have some really easy 3D Transfers which you can apply with water, which makes things a lot easier! Or you could grab a mask or a cape to keep things really simple. At the end of the day, you’re going out to have fun and everyone else will be in costumes. You could always keep your costume in your bag and change when you’re there if you feel silly while travelling to the party.

If you are taking your kids out Trick-Or-Treating it would make their day to see their Mum and Dad joining in the fun of Halloween! You may feel silly, but your kids will think you are the coolest parents ever. You can always get them back by embarrassing them when they are older!

Be Safe – Be Seen

Black is the new black! However think about your kid’s costumes if they are going out from house to house, you do need to think about safety. A black robe with a hidden face is very effective but will not be easily seen by traffic so try something brighter like a ghost or a clown. If your child is insistent on an all black outfit, you could always get some reflective strips to stick on the back or get them flashing wristbands or torches to hold to make them easier to see from the road. Make sure they walk with you in between them and the road.

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