The Five Greatest Episodes of Man V. Food EVER

Man v FoodAsk someone what the greatest TV show ever is and you’re bound to hear at least one of the following: ‘The Wire’, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Friends’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and pretty much anything else that’s ever been shown on HBO. In the UK, you might hear stuff like ‘Fawlty Towers’, ‘Only Fools and Horses’ and ‘Supermarket Sweep’ (seriously dudes, you kept that one well hidden – awesome work!).

Well, they’re all wrong, wrong, wrong. The greatest TV show ever is actually ‘Man V. Food’, an epic chronicling of the adventures of one Adam Richman, a dude with a big appetite who travelled America eating big and/or ridiculously hot food. There are two reasons I think the show is the best: the first is that it pretty much got everyone into competitive eating and inspired like a gazillion places to sell big ol’ burgers smothered in BBQ sauce.

The second is a scientific equation I’ve come up with that explains why the show is so great:

TV + 100000 x American food x BBQ sauce = greatest television show ever.

See? It’s been proven by science and everything!

I’m guessing that a lot of you reading this are also fans of the show and as it’s on pretty much every day on my second-favorite UK TV channel ‘Dave’, I’m guessing you’ve probably seen all of the episodes by now too.

So, I thought it’d be pretty fun to share some of my favorite challenges from the show with you. I’d love to hear your favorites too, so jump in the comments, on Twitter (@AStoneHCO) or on the American Soda Facebook page and tell me why I’m wrong!

Juan In A Million AKA The Big Breakfast (Austin, TX)

Juan in a Million

My ma always told me that the key to a successful day was a big breakfast, even if success that day consisted of getting to Prestige 15 on ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’.

It’s clearly something the guys at Juan in a Million in Austin, Texas were told too, as it’s the only explanation for trying to get Adam to eat 8 of their humungous Don Juan El Taco Grande breakfast tacos. The tacos consisted of potato, egg, cheese and bacon in a tortilla but gosh darn it, they were huge.

Needless to say, Adam only finished four and a half tacos before hitting the now infamous ‘food wall’ face first.

Think I’ll just stick to a bowl of Lucky Charms and a couple of pancakes, thanks…

I Drink Your Milkshake AKA The Malt Milkshake Challenge (St. Louis, Missouri)

Malt Milkshake Challenge

MVF is mostly associated with big food (I guess ‘cos of the name…) but there were a few rare occasions when Adam took on big drink too. And not even just like drinking 6 litres of root beer in ten minutes (do NOT try this at home), but real hardcore drinking challenges.

The one that sticks in the memory for me is The Malt Milkshake Challenge at the Crown Candy Kitchen in St. Louis, mainly because it shattered all my dreams of only drinking milkshake for the rest of my life.

Adam was challenged to drink 5 24oz glasses of milkshake (that’s 3.5 litres), which he split across 15 glasses. Adam managed to battle his way through 13, before having to make a dash to the bathroom to…erm…y’know. It’s fair to say that he’s probably never drinking milkshake again.

Mallie’s Sports Bar and Grill Big Burger (Detroit, Michigan)

Mallie's Sports Bar

The Mallie’s Sports Bar and Grill Big Burger sums up all that is good about Man V. Food; insanely huge versions of regular food. And if there’s one word to sum up the big burger, it’s insane: this burger consisted of 210lbs of beef, 10lbs of cheese, 4lbs of bacon and a 20lb bun (as well as various vegetables and lettuce). It required 40 PEOPLE to try and take it down (including a bunch of wrestlers and what looked like KISS).

Guess what? They still failed! Not even the collective might of Michigan was enough to take down this monster burger! If only they’d given me a call – I could have taken down at least 80lbs of that burger alone, easy…

Mean Pig BBQ AKA Shut Up Juice (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Mean Pig BBQ

Not the Shut Up Juice sandwich…but it kinda looks like this (except much, much hotter).

Adam Richman travels to my hometown of Little Rock for a lesson in competitive eating – and boy, did we teach him a lesson! Adam was challenged to take down a spicy pulled pork sandwich covered in Shut Up Juice by the Mean Pig BBQ. In case you don’t know what Shut Up Juice is, imagine Blair’s Pure Death Sauce but like a million times hotter. You even have to sign a disclaimer before eating the stuff! Man, its stuff like that that makes me proud of where I come from.

In case you were wondering, Adam managed to survive his encounter with Little Rock’s infamous Shut Up Juice – just.

The Big Pie In The Sky Pizzeria (Atlanta, Georgia)

Pie in the Sky

Two guys, one pizza – sounds simple enough, right? Well, how about if that pizza was 30” wide and weighed 11lb (including a 6lb crust and 5lbs of meat)?

That was the challenge faced by Adam and a mysterious friend at The Big Pie In The Sky Pizzeria and…they failed. Not that surprising, really; I reckon the only ones who could take down this titanic pizza are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga, dudes!

So those are five of my favorite Man V. Food challenges – what are yours? Let me know on Twitter @AStoneHCO, on Facebook or by leaving a comment below. Be excellent to each other, Stoneites!