Iron Man 3: Are You Excited? [TRAILER]

Iron Man 3

Holy moly, I’m excited and it’s not just because I’ve drank four bottles of Stewart’s Key Lime Soda already today – it’s because I’ve just watched the new ‘Iron Man 3’ trailer. Okay, so I actually first watched it on Tuesday and this is like the 400th time I’ve seen it already but heck, it looks freaking awesome.

If you haven’t seen the trailer already, stop whatever you’re doing, grab a Tootsie Roll and watch it right now.

Awesome, right?

If you can’t watch the trailer ‘cos you’re at work or something here’s a quick breakdown; Tony Stark is lying in some snow – maybe because he’s having a well-deserved rest after forming the Avengers and having to work with The Hulk (man, I bet that guy’s a nightmare) but probably ‘cos he’s been beaten up or something.

Then stuff gets real; Tony talks about ‘New York’ (y’know, that whole thing that happened in ‘Avengers Assemble’; I’m not gonna spoil it but if you haven’t seen it then WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? GO AND WATCH IT NOW!) and he seems pretty bummed out by the fact that Thor and the rest of his buddies have gone home.

That’s not all he’s got to be bummed out about though; his Iron Man mask is broken, he gets beatdown by an Evil Iron Man and it looks like Pepper Potts has been kidnapped. Oh, and his super-awesome cliff mansion gets blown the freak up by some dudes in helicopters – except these aren’t just any dudes, but dudes sent by The Mandarin.

The Mandarin is kinda like Iron Man’s version of The Joker; that one dude who just won’t stop being evil and who kinda keeps Iron Man in business. In the comics he’s like a super-powered karate master terrorist who has alien technology that makes him nearly invincible.

In the movie, he’s played by creepy British guy Ben Kingsley, has alien rings, uses a gun and has a weird voice. That’s worried some Iron Fans, but to be honest, I don’t think you see enough of the guy in the trailer to make that kind of judgement.

Anyway, I’m majorly happy that ‘Iron Man 3’ looks as awesome as it does ‘cos I’ve gotta admit, I was worried a movie about just one superhero just wouldn’t be the same after ‘Avengers Assemble’ spoiled us with like five. Plus ‘Iron Man 2’ wasn’t tha…ah hell, who am I kidding, I love anything with Iron Man in it but some critics didn’t like it that much.

‘Iron Man 3’ looks like it’s gonna be darker than than the other ‘Iron Man’ movies and ‘Avengers Assemble’; I dunno about you guys, but I got more than a hint of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ from the trailer and it ain’t just ‘cos of that broken mask or the fact that I was eating a big ol’ bag of Cheetos while watching both (I do that like all the time) . I reckon that’s a good thing; much as I love Tony Stark being a lovable jerk, it’s good that Marvel have decided to make ‘The Invincible Iron Man’ look a little less invincible.

What’s most important though is that it looks like there’s gonna be a LOT of action, which is something that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ maybe didn’t have enough of. Villain-wise, it looks like there’s gonna be three main ones; The Mandarin, Evil Iron Man (whoever he or she is – I reckon maybe War Machine gone rogue?) and Dr. Alrich Killian, who Marvel fans will recognise as the scientist who released the Extremis Virus, a kinda nanotechnology deal that Tony Stark ends up using.

Hopefully ‘Iron Man 3’ will deal with the whole multiple villains thing like the  ‘The Dark Knight’  did instead of like ‘Spider-Man 3’, but I trust Marvel to make ‘Iron Man 3’ awesome almost as much as I trust American Soda to keep me stocked up on Reese’s Pieces.

Iron Man 3 comes out April 26th 2013 in the UK (a whole week before the US…I’m starting to like this place) and I dunno about you guys but I can’t freaking wait. Let me know what you thought about the trailer on Facebook, Twitter @AStoneHCO or hit me up in the comments!