“Unboxing” – the YouTube trend

youtubeWe’ve all heard of YouTube. Indeed, American Soda has it’s own channel (which we’d love you to subscribe to!). But have you heard of the craze, trend, whatever you want to call it of ‘Unboxing’?

No, neither had we until one of our Twitter followers, @kinkykatie, shared it with us – by doing her very own ‘unboxing’ of her American Soda order! A quick search on YouTube later and we discovered that there are thousands of people doing ‘unboxing’ videos of all kinds of online orders, from food and drink to clothes and even, weirdly, car parts!

Here’s Katie’s video, in which she unboxes her latest order from us which includes Jones Soda, Kool Aid, Twizzlers and more.

So…have any of you done an ‘unboxing’ video and not told us about it? Or better yet…next time you order from us, when you get your package, how about you do an ‘unboxing’ video, post it to YouTube and let us know? We’ll feature them all on our channel, just like Katie’s!