100 Years Old Today! Happy Birthday, Oreo Cookies!

Oreo 100th Birthday

For precisely 100 years, Oreo have been making life a little less serious. Here’s some interesting facts about the humble Oreo you may not know.

  1. Nearly 500 million cookies have been sold since March 6th 1912
  2. Oreo is the world’s most popular cookie
  3. A dedicated Oreo plant will begin construction in Sheffield this month to produce the cookies for the first time in this country
  4. Traditional Oreo Cookies first appeared in the UK in Sainsburys stores in 2008. American Soda had them well before that…
  5. The UK version uses slightly different ingredients, including whey powder, so are unsuitable for the lactose intolerant. The US version, however, is just fine
  6. Oreos are best dunked in milk though. Fact. But they are also very versatile, as these Oreo Cookie recipes show
  7. There are currently FORTY SEVEN (47) different varieties of Oreo
  8. Weird Al Yankovich released a parody single in 1992 entitled “The White Stuff”, based on New Kid’s on the Block’s “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”. Here it is. Enjoy(!)

Happy birthday, Oreo!