My trick or treating experience!!

Hey Guys,

Thanks for coming over to see what I got up to for Halloween.  It’s funny, when you have kids it takes you right back to the excitement you used to feel when faced with the prospect of trick or treating!!

Loved taking little Mia out for her first experience of it.  Unbeknown to her she looked fantastic in her little witch outfit…….

I took to taking my mask off when I got to people’s doors as I think it is particularly scary!!

I really think Halloween gets better each year in the UK.  I was lucky enough to be in the states one year visiting my sister who at the time was studying over there.  WOW.  Americans have halloween nailed down!!  Glad to see slow but steady improvement over here……

As an example, my mum used to buy things for the neighbours so they had something to give us when we knocked on the door!!

Much different now though, take a look at how much swag we got……

Was really hoping to see some Candy Corn, Indian Corn or somethingfrom  I am sure one day I will but rest assured, the future for Halloween is bright in Britain!!!


  • Judi

    As an American here in the UK, it’s sad for my kids who don’t get to experience Halloween like I did. In Sussex, it was a much bigger thing than it is in Gloucester where hardly anyone does it.
    Funnily enough, Halloween got its roots from the Scottish. Go figure!

  • American Soda

    It is a shame that we don’t make as big a deal of Halloween as you do in the US, Judi, but every year it is getting bigger and bigger!

  • Growing up I never went Trick or Treating and we never really celebrated Halloween at all, but this year I finally found myself kind of enjoying it.

    I took the kids trick or treating (reluctantly I might add, but they loved it so much I found myself having fun too), I did some pumping carving which I really really enjoyed, and we watched some Halloween faces like Nightmare before Christmas and It’ the great pumpin Charlie Brown.

    I surprised myself how much I got into it and now can’t wait until next year 🙂