Finally…Salt Water Taffy & Snapple!

We know it’s been a long time coming and we’ve had hundreds of requests over the years for these, but we finally have salt water taffy and Snapple drinks in!

You see, we listen to each and every request we get and we try our hardest to source what we can – and we get there in the end. 🙂

So let us introduce you to these new products, starting with the taffy.

Sweet’s Original Salt Water Taffy Assortment

This is the one that’s been asked for more than any other over the last couple of years and we’re delighted to get some genuine salt water taffy in for you all.

Produced by Sweets, this original salt water taffy should sate all those cravings you’ve been having for this uniquely American candy.

But we don’t just have plain old salt water taffy. Oh no, we go the extra mile, you know.

We’ve also got Taffy Malt Shop and Taffy All American Natural Peppermint flavours too! We spoil you, right?

Moving on to another in demand American treat then…

Snapple Drinks

Snapple Raspberry Peach“Can you get Snapple?”

“Do you have any Snapple?”

“When will you get Snapple?”

Those questions have been asked so many times we’ve been desperate to get some damn Snapple in – and we have! In three delicious flavours too.

This all natural juice is available as follows:

Snapple Grapeade
Snapple Raspberry Peach
Snapple Cranberry Raspberry

Now all you natural juice lovers can get stuck into Snapple, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

That’s two high demand products in the bag and it’s only the 7th of January. Rest assured we’re working on all your other requests too. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you more over the next couple of months.

What else you got?

Razzles OriginalGlad you asked. It’s not just taffy and Snapple you know. We’ve also got hold of some candy that turns into gum! Yep, you heard that right. This stuff starts out like most candy but then turns to gum the longer you consume it – that’s two treats in one by our book!

If you’ve asked about Razzles in the past you’re going to be delighted with this little haul. We’ve got original Razzles, Razzles Sour Pouch and Razzles Tropical Pouch.

It doesn’t end there. We might as well mention the Coca-Cola Lip Smacker tin, containing lip balm in a variety of flavours, Wonka Sweetarts Tangy Candy and the latest in our Jelly Belly Jelly Beans range, Very Cherry!

What a start to the New Year! We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and we look forward to bringing you more and more of the real taste of American in 2013.

– The American Soda Team