I know you want the £100 but do you have what it takes………?

Firstly, thanks to all you guys that sent in a request!!  That’s enough ideas to last the next four years, as ever you really are the best, thanks!!  So by now I am sure you just want me to get on with telling you what the competition is……….

Ok, ok, here it is!!

We all know about the Baby Ruth bar in the Goonies and the Twinkie used in Ghostbusters…but can you top that?  Have you ever been watching a tv show, a movie or an advert and noticed a product that you have bought from us?  Or have you ever fancied a product then checked the site to see if we can fulfil your desires?  Then this just maybe the competition for you!!






To enter, all you have to do is reply to this post adding a link to a YouTube video, blog post or similar that shows or details the scene you have in mind.

To win, well I will decide what my favourite is and to help you along, follow these three rules!!

1.  It must be a product we sell.

2.  The scene in question must not contain any swearing, nudity or violence.

3.  The more random the better.

This means that IF there were Lucky Charms in Star Wars then the chances are I would have seen them. But if you know of a scene that contains a Butterfinger bar in some terrible film that no one else saw…well, then out of the two, the Butterfinger scene would win!!

So that’s it…we want the most obscure mentions or sightings of products we sell that you’ve seen on TV or at the movies. Again, just post the link or some evidence of it here in the comments. That’s it!

Good luck guys and gals, can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

PS. We manually approve each and every comment, so don’t worry if yours doesn’t show up right away, we’ve got it, we just need to read it!


Enter as many times as you like.

Share this with your friends!

Open to everyone – postage will be deducted from the prize.

Winner announced next week.

American Soda’s decision is final.