American sweets, drinks and other foods you might have missed…

It’s quite a difficult job balancing what and how much we stock here at American Soda. Here’s why…and some NEW (and lesser known) things you may have missed………..

We have our best sellers, of course, that we’ve had for several years, including Lucky Charms, Mountain Dew, Kool AidCheetos, Oreos, Jolly Ranchers and loads of different kinds of Wonka Nerds and Hershey’s chocolate. We’ll keep getting these in as long as there is demand for them, in quantities as big as we’re able. Where the difficulty lies is in trying to pre-empt what you might like and meeting what you demand.

We get loads of requests for new American sweets and stuff via our Facebook page, on Twitter and through the Request a Product tool on our homepage and we value each and every request. Why? First and most obviously, it allows us to know what you guys and girls want. If we get enough requests for something we will go and try very hard to get it.

Secondly, and perhaps less obviously, it allows us to discover new food and drink we didn’t even know about (yes, there are one or two things!). If we think it’s something that a lot of people would go for, we’ll get a small sample of stock, put it on the website and see how it goes. In a lot of cases the stock we have now in almost constant supply has come via your requests.

That’s why you can be sure when you send us a request we never dismiss it, we always look into it and if we think we can sell it (or there’s obvious demand already) we’ll damn well get it if we can!

What we’re not so good at is communicating everything we get in for you to try. Sure, we send our emails out and highlight some exciting new products, we shout about them on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll add them to our Featured Products page but we don’t want to overwhelm your inbox or flood your Newsfeed so we can’t tell you about everything.

With that in mind, what we CAN do is write a blog post that highlights everything we might not have told you about so far, both new and less well known. And here it is! Check this little lot out!

American Drinks

Jelly Belly Strawberry JamSierra Mist – Had it a while, but get so many people asking for it we’re not sure you knew! (We have Diet Sierra Mist too)

Jolly Rancher Soda – That’s another thing…companies we stock loads of stuff from keep bringing out new stuff, so we always try to give it a go over here!

Jelly Belly Soda – LOADS of flavours too!

Fanta Pineapple – We had hundreds of requests for this. Now here it is. But did we forget to tell you?!

Amp Energy – We KNOW we told you about this…but it’s worth another mention. Lots of great flavours to try and a Sugar Free version).

American Chocolate

KitKat White ChocolateKitKat White Chocolate – Just making an appearance over here, the American version rules!

Peeps – We have mentioned these, but again, a lot of people have been asking, so here’s a gentle reminder.

M&Ms Mint Dark Chocolate – Oh, come on. Mint? Dark Chocolate? M&MS! What more do you need to know? (Also Raspberry M&Ms!)

Milky Way Simply Caramel – American Milky Ways are like our Mars Bars. This is a twist – and it was reviewed here recently.

American Sweets

Charms Blow PopCookie Dough Bites – Lots of them, in loads of varieties, and they’re fantastic.

Jolly Ranchers Cinnamon Fire! – Yep, Jolly Ranchers just keep getting better and better.

Charms Blow Pops – Who doesn’t love a lollipop? Loads of flavours to try too.

Wonka Lik-M-Aid Fun Dips – Remember Sherbert Dib Dabs? Here’s the US version, and it’s great!

Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy – No need to visit the fair anymore, get your candy floss in a bag right here.

Big League Chew Bubblegum – Nothing is more American than bubblegum and blowing bubbles. So you might as well do it in the Big Leagues, right?

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans – Tonnes of flavours, including Dr Pepper. Beltin’!

American Breakfast Cereals (& Stuff)

Smores DIY KitS’mores DIY Kit – Sometimes we just have to bundle the ingredients together for you. Makes life easier, saves you a bit of money and hopefully introduces you to something new!

Pop Tarts – Yeah, we’ve had them for ages, but have you looked at ALL the flavours? There’s loads to try. Search ‘pop tarts’ on the site to see them all!

American Food

Snyders PretzelsAmerican Sauces – Revisit our Sauces page. There’s both new and old, but we bet you haven’t looked in a while!

Snyder’s Pretzels – These are new and they’ve been snapped up in great quantities so far, right across the range of flavours. Good job we got loads in!

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish – A classic that was out of stock for a while, but now it’s BACK!

Betty Crocker Dunkaroos – Brand spanking new addition to our range and also proving massively popular. Grab yours while you can…

Keep ’em coming…

We hope we’ve listed some things here you didn’t know about and you give them a try. In the meantime, if there’s something you want that we don’t stock then let us know using the Request a Product tool on our homepage. But NO alcohol…we really don’t do that. 🙂

Cheers for now!

  • Sam Morris

    The s’mores DIY kit links to jelly beans?

  • American Soda

    Woops! Sorry, Sam, fixed that now. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Terry

    I don’t know why everyone wants Jelly Belly Jelly beans. The flavours are stupid – they remind me of the horrible sweets in Harry Potter. Give me Brach’s original jelly beans any day

  • American Soda

    Each to their own though, Terry! They’re proving very popular with a lot of people. Of course, you’re right on Brachs…