LA Carmageddon! Did it affect you?

Last Friday the California Department of Transportation closed one of the busiest sections of Los Angeles’ 405 interstate for a full 53 hours. That might not sound like a big deal to us over here, long used to motorways being coned off for seemingly no reason, but believe me, this was on a scale we have no idea about!

Carmageddon in Los Angeles

Shut to allow demolition of a bridge, the 10-mile stretch of the 405 usually carries 250,000 cars a day and they were expected to flood the other roads and streets of LA, causing a gridlock dubbed “Carmageddon”. Did it happen?

No, it didn’t. There was, in fact, significantly less traffic all over LA as residents heeded warnings to NOT use their cars and stay home instead. And the work was carried out 17 hours ahead of schedule so the 405 opened earlier than expected. Great work from the Department of Transportation guys!

Some people were obviously inconvenienced by the closure though, not least tourists trying to get about. What we’d like to know is did Carmageddon Weekend cause YOU or anyone you know any issues? Any problems getting about – like to or from LAX airport for example? Let us know your stories of Carmageddon nightmares.

In addition, I’m feeling very generous at the moment – what prizes would you like to win from us if we were to run a competition? Again, let us know in the comments. 🙂

Cheers for now!

– Dave

  • Carmageddon Schmarmageddon!!

    I take the 405 everyday to work and it was the least amount of traffic I have ever seen on the 405. We even decided to go see a show in Hollywood and took 405 to 101. It was a breeze! It looks like everyone was scared into staying home. I live in Manhattan Beach near LAX and it took less than 30 minutes to get to Hollywood.
    It was awesome that lots of businesses were offering specials for the Weekend. In my neighborhood, they shut down one street to have an ALL-DAY block party!

  • I’m in LA staying with friends for the summer. We had a fabulous quiet day out at the Grove/Farmers Market – which is usually mega busy. Santa Monica (where I am based) was lovely and quiet too. In all the time I’ve been coming to LA I’ve never seen the roads so quiet. Everyone is now saying that the 405 should be closed once a month!

  • Emma Cordukes

    Luckily carmageddon didn’t effect me, I live as far away from LA as possible.
    I guess it’s like the equivalent of closing the M6 for a few days, everyone would be extremly unhappy hehe.
    On the other subject i’d love to win a gift basket of everything peanut butter related 😀 it would make my year. mmmmmm peanut butter cups yum yum

  • Unfortunately it did cause a small amount of bother for my family and I on holiday. We were going from San Francisco to Los Angeles and the 405 was suppose to be our route, right by the bridge. But instead took, what ended up as, a 2 hour detour. Oh well, saw Santa Maria and Monica before going on the 10 into LA, which was beautiful 🙂

    Agree with Emma with the Peanut Butter (Especially Nutter Butters or Peanut Butter M&Ms), although I am in love with Pretzel Flips, Lucky Charms and Mike Ikes at the moment 🙂