MTN DEW No Longer Available – But Don’t Panic! [UPDATE]

Mountain DewDue to EU regulations we have been requested to no longer sell or promote MTN-branded Mountain Dew and, as a responsible company, we have complied fully and with immediate effect. However, we have got the EU version, which tastes pretty damn similar and certainly better than the UK version, Mountain Dew Energy!

Give it a try…we think you’ll like it!

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, try these other great tasting, genuine American Drinks:

Rest assured we’re adding new and exciting sodas all the time so you won’t miss MTN Dew too much!

  • Ace

    Can you be more specific about what the EU regulations had against those products?

  • Ace

    Oh, and you should try Vault, the best rival Dew ever had, Mellow Yellow sounds stupid.

  • Holly

    I believe the EU has a problem with the brominated vegetable oil that is an ingredient in Mountain Dew. They think that there is some neurological condition called “brominism” that is a direct result of drinking the substance. There have been NO scientific studies to back of this claim…it’s total BS and the UK needs to stop being such a Nanny, aka p**sy state.

  • Holly


    “You have to be drinking several LITERS a day to get brominism from these BVO-containing soft drinks”

  • Holly

    good thing I’m going back to the U.S. for GOOD in 2 months…can’t wait to get out of this hell-hole they call London.
    Sunshine and Mountain Dew here I come!!!!!

  • Lol

    Sorry, Ace, but Vault and Mello Yello are NOT the same as Dew. Both have a more heavy citrus taste while Dew’s citrus is balanced out. Trust me, they are different, and cannot rival it.

  • BlueDew

    How come you’re allowed to continue selling the ‘old’ Dew but have been requested to not sell ‘New’ Dew (ie, MTN Branded Dew) – it’s the same formula no? It still contains this Brominated Vegetable Oil. Very stange (assuming this is the ingredient that isn’t allowed).

    Anyway, if you can’t get this stuff anymore, then how about the Dew from the likes of Dubai and the Phillipines? I’ve been drinking Dew (both from the US and the far/middle east) all my life and the Eastern ones are *much* closer to the US one (actually can’t really tell the difference) than that strange official UK Energy stuff. Could this be simply a ploy to help boost sales of the UK Mountain Dew Energy the timing is very suspicious……… surely not…………….??!!

  • Chris Lawlor

    More like Pepsi Co have requested this product not be sold under the MTN DEW brand as they want to see The pissy UK version take steam hence the reason for the other MTN DEW products still being sold as we have no other UK alternative!!

    DAMN YOU Pepsi co…… time to start importing it my self again…. shocking….

    Sorry guys at american soda im sure this was your best seller by far.

  • Spectre

    Do the rules not apply to the other flavours of Dew that you still sell (or do they not use the offending ingredients?) or is everyone assuming that the regulations are to do with the recipe when actually it’s to do with distribution rights? THis all seems to tie in perfectly with the release of the dosgustingly inferior Mountain Dew Energy drink in the UK.

  • Ace

    Hey guys, what about Dew from NZ? I know the site is called American Soda, but importing some Dew from New Zealand won’t harm your brand or anything, because Dew is still an American brand, and the people in NZ have it all, Voltage(called Electro Shock), Code Red, Live Wire, Pitch Black, big 440 ml cans and 600ml(instead of 500) bottles.

    Check it out

  • Sebastian

    Yep, you should consider importing dew from NZ, as it seems that they have them all there – or maybe the new citrus charged dew from canada? There are many options, but most companies right now just makes the easiest move – importing it from another EU country, which in my opinion tastes like dew here in UK.

    With that i’m not saying that you should start importing it from the USA again. I’m just saying that it’s pointless to import dew from another EU country.

    With that said, i’m pretty sure that the regulations only has something to do with the UK. I honestly think that it has been bought off the market, I mean, that some company like britvic has pulled american dew away from the shelves, by paying some money to either the government or a big company.

    Ok, i’m running out of time writing this, but what makes me think like that is because that american dew is still available permanent in some EU countires!!!
    I’ve seen it in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, and as far as i know, it’s still available there. So i really wonder why it’s not available in the UK anymore.

    Still, consider importing from NZ or Canada 🙂