5 Famous People (who don’t exist)

Uncle Sam

You know these names…but did you think they were real?

Today is a very sad day for American Soda

A&W Root Beer

Over a decade ago American Soda began life, as you may have read in one of our recent emails, with just a pallet of root beer – A&W Root Beer to be precise. From that teeny tiny beginning we have grown over the last 10+ years to become one of the leading suppliers of the […]

RECIPE: Make Your Own Mac ‘n Cheese – JR Style!

JR and Jan's Macaroni and Cheese

Don’t pine for Kraft Mac n Cheese…just make your own, courtesy of Jim “JR” Ross and his Cookbook!

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse / The Walking Dead

Everything you need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse when it finally comes. And it will. Oh, it will…

Buff Bake – Where Fitness Meets The Kitchen

Buff Bake Range

Introducing PREMIUM almond and peanut butter from Buff Bake!

RECIPE: 3 Mother’s Day Breakfast/Brunch Ideas

Chocolate Waffles

Show mum (or mom!) how much you care on Mother’s Day with one of these fantastic breakfast/brunch ideas.

RECIPE: JR’s Venison Stew

JR's Venison Stew

Wholesome, hearty, simple and delicious. Our latest recipe from WWE Hall of Famer Jim “JR” Ross is definitely a keeper.

RECIPE: JR’s Muskogee Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

We STRONGLY urge you to give this a go – Muskogee Meat Loaf, courtesy of JR!

Baguley Athletic Match Reports #4


The Baguley Athletic goal machine rolls on – two more victories and 11 goals this past weekend!

American Soda’s 2015 Oscars Predictions


The 87th Academy Awards will feature the likes of Birdman, American Sniper, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Reese Witherspoon and (obviously) Meryl Streep. But who will WIN?