Let’s Bake! Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin Donuts

A Halloween-y twist an an American classic…it’s pumpkin donuts!

Halloween Blasts from the Past!

Halloween 2014

Old Halloween tips, tricks, treats and ideas resurfaced for your enjoyment and inspiration!

RECIPE: Root Beer Mug Cakes

Root Beer Mug Cakes

Without doubt the most creative, complicated but ultimately rewarding recipe we have EVER published!

Let’s Bake! Gingerbread Gravestone Cupcakes


Spooky themed cupcakes just perfect for your Halloween party!

The Countdown to Halloween Starts Here!


Tick, tock, tick, tock…it’ll soon be Halloween…here’s what we’ve got in store.

RECIPE: Babyface Cake Pops

Babyface Cake Pops

Turn an everyday chocolate cake into uber cute baby faced cake pops in a really simple manner!

RECIPE: Perfect, Authentic New York Bagels


Look like the real thing, taste like the real thing…they ARE the real thing. Only YOU made them at home!

Midnight Munchies for a Kid’s Sleepover


Delicious candy, snacks and soda for your kid’s next sleepover!

TEST TASTE: Who loves Orange Soda?

US Orange Soda

KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA! But which one? We test three popular brands to see how they measure up to each other…

TASTE TEST: Our Best Selling Grape Sodas

Grape Soda Served Up

Three top-selling grape sodas – which one wins out?