RECIPE: Thanksgiving Cranberry Fudge


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving…yep, it’s here already! We stumbled across this recipe for Cranberry Fudge this morning and thought it ideal for the holiday. We hope you make it, like it and pass it on to others!

RECIPE: Sweet Thanksgiving Turkeys


Not your typical Thanksgiving turkeys, these, but an absolute delight to look at and a real treat for those with a sweet tooth!

Who has the best Christmas ad this year?


It’s Chri-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-istmas! How do we know? All the major players have their Christmas TV ads out…but which one smashed it?

Thanksgiving Recipes: Dessert


Bored of pumpkin based recipes for Thanksgiving dessert? Try this twist on the traditional apple pie instead!

Thanksgiving Recipes: The Turkey


The best turkey and chestnut stuffing recipe we’ve come across, ideal for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Thanksgiving Recipes: Side Dishes


A wealth of recipe ideas for side dishes to accompany your Thanksgiving turkey this year (and next year…and the year after that!).

Thanksgiving Recipes: Appetisers


Three delicious appetisers to get your Thanksgiving dinner off to a flyer!

What makes us happy?

What makes us happy?

The answer is you. But why? Click through to find out!

Let’s Bake! Candy Corn Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Candy Corn Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

A deliciously rich cake for Halloween, featuring candy corn, chocolate chips and a moist cake. What more do you want?!

Pancake Art Halloween Style


Pop on YouTube and search for “pancake art” and you’ll find some wonderful creations. Better yet, don’t bother and let us do it for you! With Halloween coming up (“Is it really, American Soda, you should have said!”) we’ve chosen the three videos below from pancake genius Nathan Shields, AKA Saipan Cakes. Prepare to be […]